Like nobody tells the first-timer parents about what they are going to find from the moment of the birth of his child and only show their happy face, no one tells the real truth to a photographer who wants to buy an SLR or wants to take his first steps in photography.

And I do not say this to discourage you; this is a photography blog. We love photography, and we love you dive into this world, but we want to do with consciousness, and you are clear that you can also take pictures without SLR, there are other cameras. Stay and read further about what I mean. If you’re looking for a guide on how to choose the best camera for your needs then check this out –

What will happen when you buy SLR?

Normal is that at the beginning (or before) you feel encouraged by the comments of your most people close:- “What beautiful pictures”, “You’re natural at this”, “You could devote your life to this,” ” If you had one of those good cameras you would leave a professional behind “, and so on. And it is that what you think. Compared to your friends, your photos are beautiful, those who make nice pictures have SLR, so two more two, four.

And with this logic apparently so overwhelming you rush to buy your first SLR and after few days it starts to happen. You get frustrated and find out the camera doesn’t run automatically, or that you like so much, and you insist truth in give small steps until you get results, but you’ve lost a little illusion. This second option would be ideal, but for this, you have to like really. The first would be a shame because for that best you save money, and you buy a cheaper camera.

Lest you be the first and the second group but hopefully happen, I’ll tell you what anyone tells you, what you should know before entering this world.

Don’t know much about SLR or DSLR? Then read this guide here.

1. The world does not end in an SLR

No, all is not SLR photography. There are great cameras on the market that are not SLR, but they make excellent pictures. You can find them even lighter and economic, would be an intermediate step between a compact and an SLR. But believe me, not everyone needs an SLR. Check out the guide for other cameras and when you finish reading this article like these options you find most interesting?

2. An SLR will not help you achieve better photos

And, along the lines of what I wrote in the previous point, I have to confess that an SLR camera is not going to help you become a better photographer. Only when you know how to use good, really an SLR can achieve decent photos, which does not imply that they are attractive photos, there is much more behind an approach, many pixels or a shot very fast, is called composition, photographic eye, sensitivity, capacity move, and so on. None of this can give you the best camera on the market. I have seen photographs taken with mobile phones that have impacted me more than many others made with very powerful computers.

With mobile, you can also achieve interesting photos

With mobile, you can also achieve interesting photos

3. Learn photography is not easy, it takes time and effort

What just mentioned you can be learned. Some people are born with the gift, but a few (very few) privileged. I am proof that the photographic eye can develop. I was also not a pushover who thought he could get good photos with an SLR without my dad, and I jumped. It took me evolve my thing ?And to learn to handle an SLR is not easy. No exact some recipes, each time requires some adjustments, and not only that, is that depending on the expected result and the person who shoots, changes can also be somewhat different.

Light is another factor that is often resisted. When you can handle light, you know compose and know your camera like the palm of your hand, then it’s time to make good pictures. Until then, the road is very long. It is also satisfying and fun, if you like, of course. But the key is that you like enough to invest your time in practice a lot.

Success is the result of hard work

Success is the result of hard work

4. SLR is not convenient to carry or transport

Many people end up buying an SLR camera because you think that in his travels photos will be nicer, or when their children are born to take the best pictures in the park or on the beach, and so on. What we do not know is that an SLR equipment is much less convenient to transport things. Especially for travel.

If you just want a memento, best acquired other less heavy camera, you lose less fear and less delicate. Like I say if you have to run after a tadpole, either at home or in the park to take pictures of memory. It is something like an impossible mission mixed with high-risk sport?

Lightness is not one of its biggest advantages ;)

Lightness is not one of its biggest advantages 😉

5. The encouraging comments on social and family networks have to catch them with tweezers

Okay, your people love you very much. And only they will see the best of you. In addition, they are not professionals. The same happens with those people with whom you interact on social networks. Most of these people who comment on your photos do not have much knowledge on the subject so their praise must take them carefully. More than anything because they will not let you learn.

If you think you do a great entry photos, do not you bother to improve, or take a course, or read tutorials and much less exercise to practice. And that it ends up in frustration because you compare people who take long and is very good because it has been carefully worked a lot. And you may wonder … why do I not get pictures like that? Will I need to improve my computer? And you will fall into a somewhat vicious and unproductive wheel?

6. Photography is not a cheap hobby

You may receive more than one champion to write this, but it’s the truth. The team does a photographer, I just said, but continue taking steps in photography involves acquiring lenses and other accessories and that costs money. An SLR, input costs money, but when you start to acquire targets or flash, that if a tripod, etc., have to keep scratching your pocket. Or, simply stay with the body and the kit lens, but for that, I say the same thing at the beginning, as there are other more suitable for you that can cover your needs plenty of cameras.

7. The danger of being self-taught

Being self-taught is fine, but it takes much longer to learn and many things fall by the wayside. I tell you from experience. If I were back would not hesitate to take a course in reading a lot of books and above all, above all, read me the instruction manual of the camera “Spe-a-pa” not to waste so much time with error testing and come to tinker buttons. The photo that I missed at the time by this very serious error.

The funny thing is that I keep hearing a lot (beginners, of course) so that no need to read the manual, it’s total waste of time to learn … and I say, no, you’re wrong … Ask anyone and takes time to see what tells you ?

Being self-taught is not easy

Being self-taught is not easy

Again, my intention is far from discouraging you, but heart to tell where you’re going to get. Like motherhood is wonderful but sometimes hard, photography is not a bed of roses, however much we love it. If you enter this world, do it with passion. We will accompany you!

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